The Watersnake Story

Watersnake was conceived by Brian Black and rest of the Jarvis Walker team in 2004, with the first motors launched in 2006 to the Australian market as "Jarvis Marine Watersnake". Before this, electric trolling motors were high-priced and few fishers could afford them. Jarvis Walker's mission was the same for Watersnake electric motors as it was for fishing tackle - lower the cost of good-quality products so more fishers can experience the benefits.

Over time as Watersnake proved itself and grew in popularity, the "Jarvis Marine" name was dropped and the range of motors expanded and started selling around the world.

Today Watersnake continues to grow, evolving from a brand to a company in its own right. Our popular tried-and-tested motor ranges remain, while our new ranges offer advanced features, like GPS technology, at great value.