Inflatable Life Jacket Servicing

Watersnake inflatable lifejackets provide anglers and boaters with a lightweight, low-profile and convenient lifejacket solution. However, they must be serviced as per the instructions that came with the lifejacket. This keeps the lifejacket compliant with Australian state maritime safety laws.

The self-inspection instructions for recreational-use lifejackets can be downloaded below and must be followed completely, but for easy reference, here is a summary of the process for maintaining compliance:

  1. Before first use, record your purchase date in the service grid table that is printed on the bladder.
  2. Keep a copy of the lifejacket receipt on your boat to prove purchase date to maritime authorities if required.
  3. Do a pre-wear check before each use (see pre-wear check and maintenance information supplied with the lifejacket or download it from the link below.
  4. For recreational-use lifejackets: 12 months after purchase, do a self-inspection following the instructions and certificate supplied with your lifejacket (and downloadable below). You will need weigh scales accurate to 1g.
  5. (For lifejackets in any commercial-use, self-inspection is not accepted. Consult an accredited lifejacket service agent every six months from date of purchase).
  6. If the lifejacket passes your self-inspection, complete the certificate and store it on your boat, ready for checking by maritime authorities if required.
  7. Do new a self-inspection/service every 12 months, following the instructions and completing the certificate.

View and download Self-Inspection Instructions and Certificate for Watersnake Manual Inflatable Lifejackets Level 150 - AS4758.1:2015

If you have an older Watersnake inflatable lifejacket that uses breakaway green indicator clips, use these self inspection instructions instead.

View and download instructions for pre-wear checks and maintenance after each use.

Please refer to your particular State or Territory body for up-to-date regulations in your region.

State Government Body Website
New South Wales NSW Roads & Maritime Services
Queensland Maritime Safety QLD
Victoria Maritime Safety Victoria
South Australia South Australian Government
Western Australia Department of Transport WA
Northern Territory Northern Territory Government