Watersnake Geo-Spot GPS Nav Sensor

RRP $199.95
SKU: 55533
  • Adds Jog function to Anchor Mode
  • Improves navigation, tracking and Anchor Mode performance
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for use with Watersnake Geo-Spot motors
  • Watersnake Nav Sensor - Instructions >

Maximise the performance of your Geo Spot 65lb motor by adding the Geo Spot Navigation Sensor. The Navigation Sensor provides additional magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope functionality to the motor's GPS controller, improving all aspects of the motor's operating system including a more accurate and stable Anchor Mode.

As well as improving the overall functionality, the Navigation Sensor provides a new Jog feature not available on the standard Geo Spot motor. The Jog feature enables you to easily move your boat forward, back, left and right in 1m increments while staying in Anchor Mode. This allows you to alter your Anchor position slightly and regularly without having to disengage and reengage the Anchor Mode each time. To adjust your position using the Jog feature, simply use the directional keys on your hand remote.

This Sensor will also assist in reducing cable twist on the motor.

Note: This sensor can only be used with a Watersnake Geo Spot GPS motor. It does not add GPS functionality to a non-GPS motor.