Watersnake Quick-Release Puck Plate Kit - Nylon

RRP $49.95
SKU: 55528

If you have a Watersnake Nylon Quick-Release Bracket on your trolling motor, then this Watersnake Quick-Release Puck Plate Kit could be very handy. Attach this Puck Plate to your garage wall* for example so you can easily store your motor out of the way. Or attach this puck to a second boat so you can mount the motor easily to either boat.

  • 1 x Nylon QR Puck Plate
  • 4 x Bolts & Nuts
  • 4 x Metal Washers
  • 4 x Nylon Washers
  • 1 x Allen Key

*Only mount to locations that can support the weight of the motor. Watersnake motors should be stored inside to protect them from weather.