Watersnake Geo-Spot GPS 65lb Bow Mount Motors

RRP $2,365.00
SKU: 55313
  • Anchor Mode - Hold your position with the press of a button
  • Cruise Mode – Maintain your ground speed regardless of wind or current
  • Track Recording – Record your favourite fishing routes to retrace them later automatically
  • Navigate Mode – Autonomously gets you to the start or end of your route, then follows it

  • Remote Control Fob – Control your motor from anywhere on the boat
  • 65lb thrust on just a 50 amp draw
  • Runs on one 12v battery
  • Variable speed
  • Built-in voltage, current and overheating protection – no circuit breaker needed
  • Weedless 3-blade propeller
  • Saltwater-ready:Sacrificial anode, alloy inner / composite outer shaft
  • Compatible with optional foot controller

The Watersnake Geo-Spot Bow Mount Motors are a game changer in GPS motors with features such as Anchor Mode, Pilot Mode and Navigation Mode.

These 65lb models give you up to 65lbs thrust while only drawing up to 50amps of power. Say hello to long hours on the water! And despite all that power, they only need one 12v battery to operate.

Anchor Mode is every anglers favourite and it’s back and better than before. Simply push the Anchor button to hold your mark, despite the wind, tide or swell.

With Pilot mode and Cruise mode, keep your heading and ground speed regardless of wind or current.

If you want to target certain areas regularly, say a winding shoreline, then Tracking and Navigate Modes are for you. After recording a track (up to 5km long) you can autonomously retrace that track again whenever you want, focusing on the fishing, not the motor. Geo-Spot can store up to 16 tracks at a time.

All of this is controlled with the splash-proof handheld remote control, so you have control from anywhere on your boat. Geo-Spot is also compatible with our optional foot controller sold separately.

When you’re after a GPS electric motor at an affordable price, don’t look past the Watersnake Geo-Spot.

Watersnake Geo Spot Motors - User Manual >

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