Watersnake Geo-Spot GPS 80lb Bow Mount Motors

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  • Anchor Mode - Hold your position with the press of a button.
  • Jog Function - Allows you to easily move your boat in 1.5m increments while staying in Anchor Mode.
  • Cruise Mode - Maintain your ground speed regardless of wind or current.
  • Pilot Mode - Maintain your heading regardless of wind or current.
  • Track Recording - Record your favourite fishing routes to retrace them later automatically.
  • Navigate Mode - Autonomously gets you to the start or end of your route, then follows it.
  • Remote Control - Control your motor from anywhere on the boat.
  • GPS Nav Sensor Included - Adds Jog function to Anchor mode and improves navigation and tracking.
  • Variable speed
  • Built-in voltage, current and overheating protection – no circuit breaker needed.
  • Strong Fibre-Reinforced Nylon Weedless 3-Blade propeller (Pitch 94mm)
  • Upgraded Bracket Design – For ease of use and longevity
  • Upgraded Turning Box - Smoother and faster turning performance.
  • Saltwater-ready: Sacrificial anode / stainless steel shaft.
  • Compatible with optional foot controller.
  • Runs on a 24v battery system, including LiFePO4

The Watersnake 80lb Geo-Spot Bow Mount Motors are the next step in GPS motors with features such as Anchor Mode, Pilot Mode, Navigation Mode and Jog mode.

Anchor Mode is every anglers favourite function. Hold your position with the press of a button and let the motor do the work while you do the catching.

With Pilot mode and Cruise mode, keep your heading and ground speed regardless of wind or current.

If you want to target certain areas regularly, say a winding shoreline, then Tracking and Navigate Modes are for you.

After recording a track (up to 5km long) you can autonomously retrace that track again whenever you want, focusing on the fishing, not the motor. Geo-Spot can store up to 16 tracks at a time.

All of this is controlled with the handheld remote control, so you have control from anywhere on your boat. Geo-Spot is also compatible with an optional foot controller sold separately.

GPS Nav Sensor Included

The Watersnake GPS Nav Sensor helps you get the most out of your Geo-Spot electric trolling motor. The Nav Sensor provides additional magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope functionality to the motor’s GPS controller, improving all aspects of the motor’s operating system including a more accurate and stable Anchor Mode. As well as improving the overall functionality, the Navigation Sensor provides a Jog feature not available on the 65lb Geo-Spot motor.

The Jog feature enables you to easily move your boat forward, back, left and right in 1m increments while staying in Anchor Mode. This allows you to alter your Anchor position slightly and regularly without having to disengage and re-engage the Anchor Mode each time.

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